People Who are the Opposite of Hypochondriacs

Everyone knows a hypochondriac.  These are the people we know who always seem to have some kind of illness, disorder or disease.  These people watch a TV program about a disorder, and they now have it.  If there’s a new disease in the newspaper, they find symptoms that they show for this disease.  These people come to visit a place like Asia, and get checked out for Bird Flu when they get back home.  We all know people like this…..they’re annoying, but not as annoying as people who are the opposite.

A “well-o-chondriac,” as I call him, is a person who never thinks they’re sick.  This person comes into work or goes out with friends, even when they’re ready to drop with fever.  This person is the person who gets other people sick because they refuse to admit when they have an illness and stay home.  They spread their germs to NORMAL people who give in to illness and allow it to take over when it attacks.  The well-o-chondriac can’t admit that they’re sick.  They don’t like to allow themselves to be ill.  They push and they push, very often making themselves more ill and infecting more and more people.  These people need to be told to stay home!  They need to be told to allow themselves to be sick!  If not, we’ll all be sick when they actually ARE well!


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