Nail Clippers That are Curved at the End

clipper curved

I know some of the things that annoy me seem like triviality to some people.  I think this next one is triviality, myself, but there’s just something about curved nail clippers that I just can’t stand.  Maybe it’s the fact that the curve NEVER matches the curve of my nails, or maybe it’s the fact that the pointy edges of the curve sometimes nick the skin of my toes and make me bleed.  I guess it could also be the idea that I have to squeeze them all the more harder in order for the nail to be cut correctly.  Curved nail clippers are just  not good for people with big feet and, hence, big toes.  They are actually dangerous if you’re not careful, and the pointy edges can catch skin and other things when you squeeze to clip.  Very often, a curved clipper will leave the nail partially attached and I’m forced with the decision of clipping again or pulling it off with my finger.  I usually choose pulling it off, and then my nail is uneven, or the top layer of the nail comes off and I’m stuck with the softer under-layer that always becomes ingrown when it grows.

clipper flatAll nail clippers (especially those for toes) should be flat-edged.  These clippers are much more easily managed, and there is little or no chance of getting your skin stuck in pointy edges.  The edges are curved slightly inward, so the flat edge can cut nails more efficiently.  These flat-edged clippers are also easier to squeeze and they give a more even cut.  These need to be the clipper of choice.  Most of them even come with a built-in swing-out nail file to help shape the nails after clipping.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find flat-edged nail clippers in stores being sold on their own.  Usually they are sold as part of a grooming set, which also includes a pair of curved-edge clippers (albeit smaller, for the fingers) and some strange things that people never use (like cuticle pushers and tiny scissors).

I no longer own a pair of flat-edged nail clippers.  The one pair I did own vanished in my move to Singapore.  I am now forced to use nail clippers with a curved end.  I look whenever I am in a pharmacy or supermarket for flat-ended clippers, but they are almost impossible to find.  I’m at the point where I am considering spending $30-40 to buy an entire grooming set just to get the nail clippers.  The cost is worth my sanity!  It’s worth it to not have tiny nicks on my toes and uneven, strange-looking toenails.  It’s just worth it!



  1. Wow! My son just went through the same rant about the nail clippers and then to read your blog, I was on the floor, laughing my you-know-what off! Hilarious but totally true. Good luck with your search as we are searching as well!

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