Constantly Tripping Over Lips in Doorways

I’d like to preface this with “sorry it’s so short.”  It’s currently 9:20PM and I have been working since 6:45 this morning.  I’m tired, but I’m dedicated to this blog and all my complaints!

By now you know I live in Singapore.  One thing about Singapore is that it’s in a rainforest.  There’s not much of the rainforest left, but there’s still rain…..and lots of it.  We just came off a 10 week draught, which is the first time that has happened here in 50 years.  That being said, Singapore is usually a very moist place.

Most of the bathrooms here in Singapore have drains in the floor so that cleaners can mop the floor and leave it wet.  The water will drain into the floor.  This is easier than leaving up the “wet floor” signs for hours while the already moisture-laden air is expected to dry it.  Because floors are cleaned in this fashion, many of the bathrooms have a 2-3 centimeter lip in the door jamb to prevent any water on the floor from creeping out into the next room.  Some bathrooms are designed with the individual stalls having small lips to prevent toilet water from leaking out if there’s a leak or if there’s condensation on the side of the bowl from the 100% humidity that they so often have.  One of the bathrooms in my apartment has a lip like this because it has a “Malaysian shower,” which is a fancy way to say a shower in the bathroom without a curtain or tub.  It just showers water directly onto the bathroom floor, toilet and walls.  Needless to say, the lip is needed there.  This is not rare in Singapore; many homes have this kind of set-up in the bathroom.

My clumsy self is never able to comprehend the existence of the lip.  This is evidenced by the number of times I trip over the lips, or almost fall as I step down into the bathroom when I wasn’t expecting to step down.  I think I must trip on doorway lips 4-5 times a day.  At work in the bathroom, or in the stall (depending on which bathroom I use), at home in the bathroom and downstairs as I walk out of the parking lot over the drainage ditch, and in any other public bathroom or washroom I use during the day.  My life here is just a series of “almost” falls strung together.  The worst part is when people see you do it and they’re forced to utter the obligatory: “careful there.”  Gee, thanks, I could have used that sentiment BEFORE I tripped and almost fell flat on my face, but your concern is noted.

I guess in this post I’m annoyed mainly with myself because I can’t remember to step up or step down over the lips.  I understand the reason for their existence and I’m not advocating any kind of rebellion against the bathroom door lips.  I think I’m more annoyed that I don’t have the memory capacity to remember where these things are.  I mean….I almost never remember the one in my own home!  There’s an herbal shop at the local mall…..maybe it’s time to buy some ginkgo biloba…..


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