Hotels That Only Have Soap and Shampoo Dispensers in the Bathroom


shower 1

I travel a lot.  I love traveling because I can experience other cultures and see things I have only read about in books or seen on TV.  I am never more happy than when I’m traveling to a new place and doing new things.  I have stayed in a lot of hotels.  Sometimes I treat myself and spend the money for luxury (or someone else does, and I go along – haha) and sometimes I’m strapped for cash and have to compromise.  I love a good hotel room (as Miranda says), and I love a good, strong hotel room shower.  There are a few things I can’t live without, however, such as shampoo and soap.

I know….you’re saying “duh, nobody can live without shampoo and soap,” but I mean I need a small bottle of shampoo, where I can control the amount I use and a bar of soap.  I do not like so-called “body wash,” I don’t use a washcloth or loofa when I shower.  I use a bar of soap.  I expect my hotels to have bars of soap and little bottles of shampoo and conditioner that I can use while I’m there.  Very often, seemingly more and more, they do not!  Many hotels have taken to saving money by installing soap and shampoo dispensers in their bathrooms.  These things adhere to the wall of the shower, or behind the sink and dispense “just the right amount” of soap or shampoo.  To make matters worse, there are no bars of soap….just some slimy body wash that has to be put on a washcloth to make a lather.  I’m not a baby…..I don’t use washcloths!

These places have also dispensed with the normal bars of facial and hand soap, and have installed liquid soap dispensers at the sink.  So, now I’m forced to use some liquid that doesn’t lather as well instead of rubbing the bar of soap between my hands for a foamy cleaning.

Once, my dispenser ran out, and the cleaner didn’t notice (apparently they don’t check them as they would the soap and shampoo basket in nicer places), and I got in the shower the next morning to no shampoo.  I had to get out of the shower, dry off, get dressed again, call the front desk and wait for someone from housekeeping to come to my room to replace the empty cartridge.  It took over an hour.  I had plans to meet people and had to call to tell them I was going to be late because the shampoo dispenser at my cheap-ass hotel had run out and I was unable to take a shower.  I know the dispensers are one way my hotel can remain “cheap-ass,” but there are so many other things that can be cut and leave the shampoo and soap.  I think next time I’ll just go buy my own!




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