People Who Wear Wool Hats in Summer Weather

wool hat 3I live in Singapore, the land of perpetual summer.  Every day here is like a warm summer day in New York or Madrid.  This makes it so much more perplexing when I see young people (usually men) wearing wool knit hats.  There is no snow for thousands of miles, and no possibility of cold weather where they might need to keep their head warm.  These wool hats serve absolutely no purpose in a place like Singapore.  These hats serve absolutely no purpose when the weather is warmer than 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees for our Fahrenheit friends).

I blame David Beckham for this trend.  He’s the first person I remember seeing in a wool hat in warm weather.  While he’s a good soccer player, he’s a complete idiot when it comes to fashion.  Whenever I see him, and he’s not in a uniform or a clothing ad, he looks horrible.  It’s hard to believe that he’s married to a woman who used to be called “posh!”  He’s a good looking man, but he doesn’t know how to “dress it up.”

wool hat 2This trend of wearing the wool hat in summer is part of a larger problem that I will save for another blog.  I’m going to hit upon it here, but I have a lot more to say and a lot more to complain about with these people.  Most of the people who wear these hats in summer can be described as “hipsters.”  A hipster is a young person (usually a male) who “shuns convention and embraces an effortless cool Bohemian look” (  These people are most annoying to all people they come in contact with.  I have never met a person (who wasn’t a hipster) who actually enjoyed being around hipsters.   Hipsters have embraced this wool hat in summer look, often wearing the hat until it smells so rancid that people have to walk away from the hipster to be able to breath.  The sweaty head underneath emits such an odor that, when forced to stand close to them, people’s eyes start tearing and their faces scrunch up into that “I just smelled something disgusting” look.  Hipsters should all carry around clothespins for the poor people around them.  Their wool hats are polluting the air and making everyone sick!  Look for a larger post about hipsters sometime in the future.

This wool hat trend must stop.  Areas like Singapore should not even sell these things.  There is no foreseeable reason to ever have the need for one of these things in a climate like Singapore.  They should be banned, like they banned gum and spitting on the sidewalk.  This is an epidemic that needs to be eradicated.  Then we can all breath easier on the metro and bus when a hatless hipster comes on board.  Now if we could just get them to wash their clothes and their hair more often, we could make useful members of society out of them!

wool hat 1



  1. I knew there were intelligent people out there who agree with me!

    I see guys wearing these here in TEXAS when it is literally 110f. And, they think they look soooo original. Instead, they look like someone who is only capable of copying some other idiot.

  2. It’s not a fashion thing….some psychologists call them Security Blankets on the head. The insecure hipsters thought “…what a great idea, I can keep my blanky with me and not be made fun of.” WRONG!

  3. I’ll wear my wool hat when it’s as high as 60 something outside, when that’s the high for the day, but that’s about it. Once it gets to 70 something out, people will start looking at you funny in a wool hat. I had a buddy who was wearing one one day in May when it was about 76 or 77 out and people did give him weird looks and the cashier at the store asked him why he was wearing that hat on a day like this. Wearing the wool hat when it’s 80 or above, you need to be prepared for people to be getting totally grossed out by you, since you WILL be generating a stinky sweat. Like I said before, 60 something is my limit, but not upper 60s, I’d say my personal limit is about 67. And that’s still higher than vwhat this article, and I’m sure some people’s opinions are, which is that any temperatures higher than the 40s is no longer wool hat weather.

  4. My friend told me that he thinks it’s ok to wear his wool hat even it’s 90 outside, because he washes his hat and showers every day. I told him that doesn’t matter because people would still see him and assume he stinks before they can even smell him. They wouldn’t know he washes his hat everyday, besides when it’s that hot, even if you showered that morning, your head will still sweat and start to smell pretty fast in a wool hat.

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