Folding the Corner of the Papers When You Don’t Have Staples

paper fold

As a teacher, I get a lot of messy, crumpled, sloppy, smeared, smudgy, dirty, folded, scrappy, torn, ragged, frumpy, ripped, clipped, cropped, unreadable and streaky papers turned in to me.  I can deal with it all, as long as the material is turned in to me on time…..I’m usually pretty lax with the condition the work is in.  I’m not so lax when a student turns in an assignment with multiple pages and folds the corner into an “attachment device.”  You know what I mean…..when you take the corners of each page and fold them over together, assuming they will never separate and you have just bonded them completely.  Sometimes they even make it into a “paper staple,” by tearing a scrap out of the folded corner and folding it in the other direction.  Atrocious!

This does not cause the paper to not separate.  All it does is make it more difficult for me when I have to read through the pages and they fall apart when the pages are turned.  I prefer NOT attaching the papers together to the “fold-over” method.  I will gladly staple or paperclip them later on when I have a chance.  Or, here’s a wild idea, CARRY A STAPLER!  They are small and compact now.  They can fit into your pencil case or backpack, or, failing that, shove a few paperclips in your pockets!  It will help so many people with so many things if the pages are attached securely.

I have nothing more to say on this, it’s annoying, and completely ineffective.

If you’d like to know how to make a “paper staple,” here’s a link to a website I found while doing my research for this blog:



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