Lady Gaga’s Wardrobe

gaga devil

Lady Gaga has been lauded for her fashion risk-taking and her ability to “pull-off” any type of fashion.  The magazines and the fans love the fact that she doesn’t shy away from wearing something provocative, or something that may cause people to stop and think about what they’re looking at.  She is known to shock people with the outfits she wears.

Lady Gaga is in dire need of attention.  I’m sure that, as a child, she was neglected by her family and not given as much attention as she needed. I admit, I did not do the research on Lady Gaga for this post because I think the photos speak for themselves.  I have no doubt that Lady Gaga was probably the middle child of a large family because her attention-grabbing wardrobe screams out for people to look at her and talk about her.  She literally wears her insecurity on her sleeve!

gaga bubble

Lady Gaga’s horrendous wardrobe consists of outfits that make her look slutty, high class, like an 1800s courtesan, like a Christmas tree, low class, bubbly, uptight, loose, edible and strange.  She has brought back the wearing of hats, usually very large ones that have weird styles and designs that make people either cringe or swoon.  To me, it’s a little girl who’s starved for attention playing dress up so that mommy and daddy will look at her.  She claims she wants to provoke people into thinking differently with her way of dress (I’m sure that was her intention when she wore a dress made of meat to the MTV Video Music Awards), but the deeper issue lies with her need to be accepted and to be the center of everyone’s attention.  Her need to garner more and more praise/criticism, either way….she’s being talked about and people are recognizing her.

gaga lobster

I have to admit, I talk about the wardrobe quite a bit.  It’s usually with disdain and disgust, but it gets me talking.  It does what it’s supposed to do.  When she wore a silver lobster on her head, I made comments.  When she wore a helmet that looked like a flame, I made comments.  When she wore a sparkly dress and carried a star around all night, I made comments.  When she wore a live Christmas tree on her head, I made comments.  I made comments and comments and comments.  And so did everyone else.  Her purpose in wearing these laughable garments was reached….people were talking.

gaga sparkle

I am tired of talking.  I am tired of this pathetic play for attention.  I’m tired of her “boundary breaking” fashion.  I’m just tired of Lady Gaga.  Unfortunately, I like her music, and I think she had a hand in the comeback of dance music.  Her songs are memorable and catchy, and they get me moving in the morning (when I usually listen to dance music).  Much to my dismay, however, is that the music comes with this crazy lady behind it.  I suppose I could forgive the poor fashion if it was a once-in-a-while thing (like Bjork’s swan dress or Cher’s feather headdress, both worn to the Oscars), but this is a constant thing that doesn’t seem to be changing.  Lady Gaga just will not dress normally!

gaga kermit

When Lady Gaga attached a bunch of Kermit the Frog stuffed animals to her body and called it fashion, I flipped.  I don’t think I will listen to her music any more.  If a person is insane, they spread their insanity to other people through their communication.  Lady Gaga’s communication is through her music and her “fashion.”  Both of these could be considered insane and they could rub off on the so-called “fans” of her life.  I think it’s time Lady Gaga went to a normal designer and wore something unoffensive, that doesn’t scream gaga christmasfor attention.  She needs to change her wardrobe.  She’s already not taken seriously by most because of her eccentric style, yet she is a pretty intelligent and eloquent person (did you see her speech about homosexuals in the military?).  I just can’t get past the abysmal sense of fashion and her “risk-taking!”  It’s time for normality, Stefani!

gaga ameatThe infamous meat dress



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