Louie Anderson

When people think of the most annoying voice in entertainment, they louie 1usually think of Gilbert Gottfried or Howard Cosell.  I think of Louie Anderson.  This man has the most grating, annoying screech of a voice!  When I was younger, Louie Anderson became popular.  He was a regular on programs like The Tonight ShowThe Joan Rivers Show and Good Morning America.  I will admit, he had some funny lines, but ultimately he was just an annoying waste of airtime.  He never really “gelled” with anyone, and, when they tried to give him his own show, he tanked miserably.

For years, Louie Anderson disappeared.  He was barely seen from the late 1990s to the early 2000s (unfortunately he was still heard in Little Louie, a cartoon where he voiced the main character).  Little Louie was only around a couple of years, and then the world was a quiet place, without annoying whiny voices on TV (at least without his annoying, whiny voice).  Then, in 2006, TV producers decided it would be a good idea to give Louie Anderson another shot.  He was hired to replace Richard Karn on The Family Feud.  And the world was treated to screechy, whiny, raspy shouts of “survey says!”  Why the producers chose this moron, I will never know.  Maybe they wanted the show to fall apart.  Maybe they wanted to lose millions of viewers.  All I can say is that he lasted about a year, until they finally replaced him with Jon O’Hurley.

Louie Anderson needs to give up.  Since his Family Feud debacle, he hasn’t been heard from much.  He’s a fixture at awards shows, and he’s always available for the VH-1 interviews for I Love the 80s, but that’s about as far as it goes.  The world should breathe a sigh of relief that he has finally realized his time is up, and producers have stopped trying to give him chances.  His raspy voice of death is no longer heard regularly on TV.  Producers need to realize this plus-sized ogre is no draw for viewers.  Down with Louie!

louie 2




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