Irregularly-shaped Pancakes

pancake 2 I know everyone is going to think I’m absolutely bonkers after writing this post, but this blog is about things that annoy me (correct?) and irregularly-shaped pancakes annoy me.  I love pancakes, and I wouldn’t discriminate against irregularly-shaped ones to the point where I wouldn’t eat them, but I would fix their shape to make them more “normal.”  A normal pancake is a pancake that is (more or less) round.  When you pour the pancake batter into the pan or on the griddle, it spreads out in a widening circle until it cooks.  This circle of taste is what makes pancakes so wonderfully good.  When the circle is interrupted, or never even forms….the taste may still be there, but it’s been “tainted” somehow.

Oblong or elliptical pancakes just don’t cut it.  Pancakes with little “peninsulas” sticking out don’t cut it.  So I have to cut it….into a shape (usually a square – the easiest shape to make when you’re cutting off the edges).  I have nothing against pancakes that are INTENTIONALLY shaped like things other than a circle.  There are many people who like to make heart-shaped pancakes for their loved ones, or Mickey Mouse pancakes for the kids.  These are a fun diversion from the normal circles.  It’s when a pancake is made in the normal way, but doesn’t assume the circular shape, that I get annoyed.  I ask myself….what was the chef thinking?  Or, if I made it, I ask myself….where was your head at when you poured this thing out?  Obviously someone wasn’t paying attention.

pancake 3

A “peninsula” pancake

I do love my pancakes, and it pains me to say that anything about this delicious breakfast treat annoys me, but when I get some weirdly shaped ovoid patty, I have to question it.  I have to say I don’t have anyone to blame for this one.  Aside from using a circular mold , or filling the perfectly circular frying pan with batter, there’s really no way to guarantee that the pancakes are circular.  They still taste delicious….but only after a few “modifications.”

pancake 4


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