Motorcyclists Who Go Between the Cars in Traffic


motorcycle 4

Anyone who has driven a car in traffic knows the familiar sight.  You’re rolling along, cursing the mothers of all the drivers around you for having such moronic children that they would want to be on the road at the same time as you, you’re listening to the radio and the blood is rushing to your face as you get more and more frustrated when along comes a motorcycle zooming between your car and the car next to you.  They come so close to your sideview mirror that you think they’re going to take the thing clean off.  You watch, envious of their maneuverability as you settle back into your traffic, ever more frustrated because you have fallen victim to the “motorcycle squeeze through.”  This is the worst of the traffic violations, not only because it’s dangerous for everyone on the road, but because it inspires road rage in the drivers of the automobiles who are now jealous of the fact that the motorcycle rider has found a way through this slow traffic.

motorcycle 2 motorcycle 3

When I lived in New York and I drove to work every day, I would slowly inch over to the car next to me when I saw a motorcyclist trying to weave his way between the lanes.  I never felt more triumphant than when I edged a motorcyclist too far that he couldn’t fit between the cars and had to wait there with the rest of us while the traffic continued at a snail’s pace.  I am giddy with glee whenever I see a motorcyclist who just snuck past me pulled over by a police officer, getting a ticket.  It’s the little things that make me smile!

These people cause a safety hazard for themselves and for the drivers of the cars around them.  They illegally sneak between moving cars that could easily crush them (I have seen a lot of motorcycle accidents on the road, and there are even more on Google and YouTube).  Also, who are they to get to speed through traffic?  They already have the less expensive vehicle that costs them less in gas and less in insurance.    I could never own a motorcycle.  I’m not the most “dexterous” person in the world and, I’m sorry to say, I would look like a giant Butterball turkey on wheels if I ever sat on one.  But why should I be happy to move aside and let them reap even another benefit of the smaller, 2-wheeled conveyance??!!  Do I sound jealous and vindictive?  You’re damn right I do!

motorcycle 1


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  1. Your drivers license needs to be suspended for spouting off this rubbish. I bet you also would love to do harm to others that come into your life whom you feel are getting a deal you wish you could get. The road is for everyone not just you. You travel in peace and the road will be more safe for everyone. You don’t have to like what we sport bikers do out there on the road. Just keep your path as is and we will do what we do. What you might not understand is while you in your car can endure a fender bender, we cannot. Being inside those lanes is our safety, it keeps us safe from people who are sucking down their meal, texting and listening to talk radio..fully distracted. We are the most sane and controlled and aware persons on the road, bet on it. Regards, Dave

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