Speed Bumps


speed bump 1

Don’t get me wrong, I recognize the importance of speed bumps.  I understand their safety value in keeping people at a speed where they won’t hurt themselves or others.  I’m not debating the NEED for speed bumps.  I’m debating the need for speed bumps that are so large/high that they actually make the bottoms of the cars hit the bump, or the need for 1 bump very 10 feet.

I recently had cortisone shots in my back.  I have 2 herniated disks and they have been giving me problems.  Speed bumps have been my nemesis for the last few months.  They are everywhere in Singapore.  They’re in the parking lots of malls, in the condo compounds, even on the streets.  The worst are the speed “humps,” that are a little wider than the normal speed bumps.  For these, the front wheels are going down just as the back wheels go up.  Pain shoots through my back.  It’s worse when I’m in a car with bad shocks and it dips extra low so the bottom scrapes along the bump.  This causes me to cringe with pain.

I also question the frequency of speed bumps.  When they appear every few meters, they’re excessive.  They can do their job at every 30-40 meters.  They keep the drivers to a more moderate speed and they promote safety.  When they appear every 10 meters or so, all they do is destroy undercarriages and tailbones!  The people who place these things need to rethink their placement and rethink their sizes.  They’re safe and they’re needed, but there needs to be a better way to go about them.  At least change them in some way so my butt stops going numb!

speed bump 2


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  1. There are speed bumps in our complex everywhere. I’m glad there are some, or else crappy drivers would tear through the place and, possibly, hit me. But it’s every three feet, it feels like. At my old office they had speed bumps and also a “speed hump” in the parking lot. What’s that for, Wednesdays?

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