Men Who Don’t Use Deodorant

Ok, short one today because it’s late and I’m tired.  I saw Pompeii this evening…..we’ll get to that in another post (a little foreshadowing there)!  I have come to understand that the word “Singapore” is ancient Malay for “land of many malls.”  There are literally malls on every corner, with the same shops, that continuously get revenue otherwise they would close.  So, when you go to a movie in Singapore, 99% of the time you’re in a mall.  Why am I talking about the mall movie theater in a post about stinky men, you may ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.

When my friend and I came out of the movie on the 4th floor of the mall and had to travel the “roundabout” escalator bank down to B2 to get into the metro station, a familiar scent arose around us.  We noticed that, since it was 10:30PM in the mall, there was some repair and construction work going on.  Nothing special, just fixing a few tiles and cleaning the glass on the railings.  All the work was being done by older laborers who, apparently, have never heard of deodorant.  The odor hit us like ape-scent gloriola as we boarded the first escalator down, and stayed with us all the way to the metro station.  I fear it may stay with me forever like that episode of Seinfeld where the valet with BO totally funkifies Jerry’s car.  These men (who also apparently hadn’t showered since the last Winter Olympics), were just doing their job, but they were infesting everyone with their funk.

I can understand people not wanting to use antiperspirant because they say it can clog sweat glands and actually make you sweat more when you stop using it (I use it every day… plan to stop using it).  I can even understand not wearing deodorant if you’re spending a leisurely day at home and will not come in contact with any other member of the human race.  But to leave the house smelling of rotten onions and mildew (the combination of scents that I “get” from underarm odor) is offensive and disrespectful to everyone.  It is especially important to cover that malicious odor if you’re going to be doing work that might make the odor worse.  Why is it that these men don’t understand that?  I have to say that it’s usually older, more “ethnic” men who don’t use deodorant.  Why?  What do they have against smelling nice?

Incidentally, when we entered the metro I ended up standing next to yet another person without deodorant… a crowded metro!!!!  What the hell!?!?!?



  1. Have you ever worked so hard, and in so much heat, that your deodorant ceased to work? Have you ever had so few changes of clothes and worked long enough hours that washing your clothes in between shifts was impossible?

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