Dog “Breeds” That Aren’t Real Breeds

Yesterday I was watching a television program called Bondi Vet, about a veterinarian who works in the Sydney area of Australia.  There was nothing else to do, so I was mindlessly watching programs on the National Geographic channel.  One of the animals he worked on during the show was a dog that he called a “labradoodle.”  Excuse me, a labradoodle?  I watch the Westminster Kennel Club dog show every year, and I have NEVER seen a labradoodle in that show.  I have seen Labrador Retrievers and I have seen Poodles, but never a labradoodle!  But he’s a vet, doesn’t he know his dog breeds?  Wait….is labradoodle Australian for MUTT?!?!?!  No, it’s only one of the many new dog “breeds” that have taken the place of “mutt” to describe a dog that is not a purebred dog.  People have invented these names for “designer dog breeds” so they can actually sell the puppies and make some money.  Because, as we all know, you can go to the local animal shelter and adopt a mutt for free!


A “labradoodle”

The phenomenon of the designer dog breeds began in the 1980s with the invention of the “cockapoo.”  This is a cross of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.  Most of the original designer breeds were mixes with Poodles.  With names like “cockapoo,” “pekipoo,””pomapoo,” “goldendoodle” and “schnoodle” it’s not difficult to determine the breeds that were crossed with Poodles.

cockapoo schnoodle pomapoo

A “cockapoo,” “schnoodle” and “pomapoo”

While the dogs are adorable, and probably have great temperaments (Poodles are notoriously well-tempered dogs), they are not purebreds!  These dogs should be called what they are….mutts!  If you feel strange calling your dog a mutt, then call it a “mix-breed,” or “cross-breed.”  There is no reason to devise some made-up portmanteau word to describe your mutt like it’s some kind of purebred dog.  If you want your dog to sound like it’s a purebred, then buy a purebred dog!

The cross breeding of the Poodle led people to experiment with other crossbreeds and other weird combinations of dog names.  There are “puggle” (Pug/Beagle), “pomchi” (Pomeranian/Chihuahua), “doxiwawa” (Dachshund/Chihuahua), “huskamute” (Husky/Malamute), “dobernauzer” (Doberman Pinscher/Schnauzer), and “Morkie” (Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier).  These are only a small amount of designer breeds that I found from one simple Google search.  STOP THE INSANITY!  THESE DOGS ARE MUTTS!!!  They are bred from purebreds, but they are not purebreds!  Call your dog what it is!

pomchi puggle morkie

A “pomchi,” “puggle” and “morkie”



  1. I’ve never owned a pure-bred dog because all my dogs have been “rescue” dogs from “protectoras”. The latest three mutts are an almost pure Golden Retriever, and almost pure Spanish Water Dog and a not even remotely pure Spanish Water Dog mix with heaven knows what… They’re great…

  2. We are two peas in a pod.

    In my last job, I was in charge of issuing dog licenses for the town. We had over 600 breeds in our licensing system, but that was never enough for some people — they were AGHAST at the idea that I would called their precious goldendoodle a “Mixed Breed”. WTF? Is your dog any less special for being a mutt? Of course not! Do *you* love your dog less if it’s a mutt? If so then you should be ashamed of yourself!

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