manscape 1

Manscaping is the act of shaving, plucking, cutting or removal of hair from a man’s body.  As an enormously “hirsute” man, I have been known to pluck a little, but not to the point of obsession.  I get the weird, mutant long hairs in my eyebrows that have to go, and the “black forest” that has begun to appear in and around my ears gets culled every so often.  These are needed removals that occur as I get older.  My biggest issue is when manscaping gets taken too far.  There are too many men out there that go overboard and make sure that their body hair is perfectly aligned and perfectly designed.

There are even men who shave designs into their chests and arms so they’re more “interesting.”  Then there are the men who shave their legs and armpits.  Excuse me…..isn’t that reserved for women?  There is no reason for a man to shave his armpits unless he’s a professional swimmer!  I have had it with seeing guys at the beach or the pool with perfectly clipped and designed chest hair, or smooth legs and arms.  No man has smooth legs and arms!  They may have fine, blond hair, but no man has smooth legs and arms, not to mention armpits!!

The insanity has to stop.  It’s time to go natural!  This has just become ridiculous!

manscape 2



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