The Copenhagen Zoo

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My posts are not usually timely.  I try to discuss timeless things so that they are just as relevant in 5 years as they are today.  I have purposely chosen subjects that (unfortunately) will probably stand the test of time.  Today I choose the Copenhagen Zoo because of the atrocity that was committed there a couple of weeks ago.  I don’t care if this doesn’t hold up for 5 years, I’m really upset and totally disenchanted with the Danish people right now!  Please watch the following:

On February 9th, the Copenhagen Zoo killed Marius, the giraffe.  The only reason he was killed is because his genetics matched the other giraffes in the herd and zoo officials were afraid of inbreeding with the other giraffes.  I have to admit, this is a valid concern, but not a valid solution.  There were so many other things that could have been done to ensure Marius a long life.  First, there’s sterilization; castrate Marius so he can’t make any giraffe babies and you don’t have to worry about inbreeding.  Second, there’s transfer to another zoo.  There were several offers from several zoos to take the giraffe from Copenhagen, but they were ignored (one zoo in the UK even volunteered to pay all costs of shipping).  Then, there’s the option of sale.  A man offered the zoo $700,000 for Marius, so he could live out his life on the man’s estate.  If none of those work, place him in a separate pen, or separate the females.  There are so many other options to the killing of Marius.  He was so majestic and beautiful.

giraffeMarius the giraffe

As if killing the perfectly healthy creature wasn’t enough…..the zoo decided to invite people (with children, no less) to view the autopsy and dismemberment of Marius.  These people got a special “insider’s” tour and were able to watch as a zookeeper explained what they did to kill Marius and then proceeded to cut him open and apart with a large knife.  It was like a show…..similar to one of those with the dancing dolphins and ball-balancing sea lions.  The zookeeper had a microphone on and was inviting questions from the crowd!  I heard a rumor that tickets were actually sold for the  event, but that has not been verified.

giraffe dead 1 giraffe dead 2

Video of the dismemberment (don’t watch if you have a queasy stomach)

In the interview with CNN, Bengt Holst, the director of the Copenhagen Zoo, said it was a rare chance for children to understand that animals are not only born, but they die as well.  He defended the opening of the dismemberment to the public by calling it “educational” and “a part of life.”  Excuse me….humans killing a poor defenseless creature because it no longer was genetically valuable is not educational.  It seems to me a few years back the Danish were fighting against just that same thing from a Mr. Hitler!  Only this time he was killing the people he perceived as genetically undesirable!  I wonder what he would have thought about the giraffes!


As if to add insult to injury, the people who watched the dismemberment were then treated to the feeding of Marius to the zoo’s lions, leopards and polar bears.  I do not believe that this zoo did everything in their power to ensure the long life of Marius the giraffe.  They took the easy way out and culled him because of his genetic undesirability.  It was horrible, disgusting, unprofessional and expressive of the worst trait of humans: their feeling of superiority over other creatures.  This not only ruined the Copenhagen Zoo for me, but Copenhagen itself….and possibly all of Denmark!

giraffe lions

Marius as dinner.





  1. No, I’m all for killing the animals that are bred for it, but to ignore the outcries and the offers to take the giraffe is completely disregarding human decency. And then….to butcher the thing in front of spectators….we are not living in Ancient Rome, things have become more civilized!

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