Capri Pants for Men

Today I was in Uniqlo.  It’s a Japanese store that sells very bright, very colorful clothing for trendy 20-somethings.  I don’t know what I was doing there….I must have had a moment of temporary insanity.  I saw, in Uniqlo, several racks of 3/4 pants (capri pants) for men.  Unfortunately, a few minutes later, my waiter at Paulaner was wearing denim man-capris (rolled up, no less)!  This was a huge phenomenon in Europe, and I had hoped that it died away.  Apparently, these “man-capris” are as popular as ever and encircling the globe.

man capri 2 man capri 1

I’m sure you know the style.  They’re usually worn in the summer (unfortunately, for me, it’s always summer in Singapore).  Sometimes they are the “cargo” type, with pockets and straps hanging all around.  Other times they’re straight-legged, and actually look like cut off skinny jeans.  The tighter they are…..the worse they look!  Whatever the style, they are still man-capris!  They are too long to be called shorts and too short to be called pants.  They serve no purpose to keep you cool, and they serve no purpose to keep you warm.  In short….they serve no purpose.

I don’t want to hear anything about style!  This apparel is not stylish, it’s unneeded.  It’s a ridiculous look when your “shorts” hang down almost to your ankles, or your pants are mid-calf.  Why do men feel the need to wear these ridiculous things?  It’s worse when they’re worn with shoes or sneakers because then you’re covering even more of the leg with socks and the shoes.  There is no cooling comfort with these things!  People just look stupid in them.

I taught for 5 years in Madrid.  I thought it was the center of the man-capri epidemic.  Every man had at least one pair of these things, and they wore them all the time.  Even my students wore these ridiculous things to school during the hotter summer months.  It was all I could do not to laugh at them when they walked in my classroom with their tiny ankles showing and nothing else.  What is the point?!?!  Is it possibly so some clothing manufacturer can make more money with a little bit more fabric and some extra buttons?  The purpose is not there.

I like capri pants for women.  They are stylish and they’ve been around a long time (they used to call them “pedal pushers” in the 50s).  Women can be cool in capri pants.  They wear low cut shoes or sneakers and they look very casual.  It’s the right things for women, not men.  Men look silly and uncomfortable.  They need to stop wearing them.  This is not style!

man capri 4



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