mosquito 1

Summer in New York was always the time of the mosquitoes.  When I was living there, I constantly ended up with tiny red welts on my skin that itched immensely.  I learned little tricks to stop the itching, like making an “X” on the bite with your nails, rubbing alcohol, cider vinegar, cold tea or even ice cubes.  This was a fact of life in New York.

When I moved to Madrid, there were fewer mosquitoes.  Madrid is a high plateau, and dry like a desert.  While there were some mosquitoes, they were much fewer than in New York.  My summers were no longer pock-marked with itchy welts.  Of course, when I traveled to Mallorca for my summer master’s program, the mosquitoes increased.  They still were not to the level of New York.  You will see that mosquitoes live in all places on earth except the extreme polar areas.

In Suzhou, the mosquitoes swarmed around your head every day.  The city is built on swampland, the mosquito’s home turf.  We are the interlopers, and it’s definitely their world.  It sometimes got so bad that I couldn’t sleep because I could hear their tiny wings beating at night as they dive-bombed my head.  It was a mosquito hell.

Singapore is very similar to Suzhou, except the city realizes the danger that mosquitoes bring (diseases), and they regularly spray the city to kill them.  Standing water is not allowed unless it’s cleaned regularly.  Also, I live on the 20th floor, high above the maximum height for mosquitoes.  I have only gotten 1 bite since I have been in Singapore.  This is quite the contrast to the thousands that I had in Suzhou.

This post isn’t to compare the living conditions of my homes, it’s to complain about mosquitoes.  First off, mosquitoes serve no purpose in the world, as I can see it.  Many people will argue that they are a valuable food source for spiders, reptiles and birds.  There are many other insects that can easily provide food for these animals.  Also, the mosquitoes do not give much nourishment to these creatures unless they are engorged with blood.  If the only reason for these tiny rapiers to be around is for food for something else, then I don’t see a reason for them at all.  All creatures occupy a niche in their environment, that’s what nature sets up.  Mosquitoes don’t have a true niche.

Mosquitoes also carry diseases and viruses that can kill people.  We all know about Malaria, but mosquitoes can also be vectors for encephalitis, yellow fever, dengue fever and West Nile virus.  They are disease-spreading vermin!  They have spread more disease than any other vector in the world.  They carry blood from other people, and, when they bite someone else, transmit the germs from one person to another.  They are disgusting!  In addition to carrying diseases that can kill people, they also inject an anticoagulant into your skin to keep the wound open while they suck your blood out.  This leaves an open wound, with a chemical that causes it to itch.  And itch it does….for days!

These creatures do not need to exist.  They have evolved out of their niche.  Evolution has developed a tiny needle that can kill that which it feasts upon.  The world should take a cue from Singapore……kill them all!  Spray and spray and spray until they are all gone.  If there is one creature that needs to be eradicated and made extinct…’s the mosquito!

mosquito 2

A mosquito engorged with blood (note the rosy hue)



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