Guy Fieri

guy 1

I can’t explain it.  I usually like loud, in-your-face television hosts.  I like Maury Povich and Jerry Springer.  I’m a fan of Ellen and I can even stomach Rosie O’Donnell.  But Guy Fieri just irks me.  He really has no personality other than being loud and obnoxious.  He doesn’t really serve any purpose to any show he is on.  I hear he’s a good cook, but we rarely get to see him cooking anymore.  He has gotten too wrapped up in being a “celebrity” to actually do what he became a celebrity for!

In 2009, NBC put him on a game show as a host.  He was horrible, and they canceled the show after 2 seasons.  I guess people are just getting tired of this overgrown frat boy.  Thank goodness!  Like that spiked hair style of his, his 15 minutes were over years ago, but he keeps reappearing like the bleached-blond cockroach that you thought you killed.

I have nothing more to say, I have wasted enough time and energy on this worm.  The time for Guy Fieri is over.  It’s time he crawled back under his rock.

guy 2


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