Computers that Overheat When Used in Bed

I have a Toshiba laptop.  My mom and dad bought it for me a couple of years ago as a Christmas gift.  I love my Toshiba laptop because it has a great graphics card and good sound.  I use it, mainly, to watch videos (haha).  I was attracted to this computer because the cooling fan blows the hot air out the side.  Most laptops have the intake and outlet fans on the bottom, making it easy for the laptop to overheat when not raised above a flat surface.  The side outlet fan was a great feature!

I use my laptop a lot in bed.  I do not have a television in the bedroom, so very often I will watch an episode of Seinfeld or Cheers before going to sleep.  When I lived in New York, these were the programs that were on at 11 and 11:30PM respectively.  They make me tired and they set my mind thinking it’s time for sleep.  I have all the seasons downloaded, and all I have to do is pick one or two and I’m out.  The problem is that my laptop will not sit well on the bed without overheating.  The intake fan gets covered by the sheet, and the outlet fan heats up to the point where I can’t put my fingers in front of it.  The mouse fingerpad (yes, I like the fingerpad MUCH better than a conventional mouse or a trackball) also heats up, and it hurts my fingers to touch it.  I understand that computer processors are pieces of machinery and generate a lot of heat when they operate, but computer companies are designing these things to be used by people everyday.  I can’t be the ONLY person who uses their laptop in bed.  Very often, on weekend mornings, I will stay in bed for hours checking Facebook, playing games or writing emails.  I have to prop my computer up on a book, or whatever makeshift article I can find, so the intake fan is exposed to the air.  I recently bought a laptop cooling fan, which is permanently attached to my machine.  I should not have had to spend the $30 for that!

I now use a MacBook Pro for work.  Everyone tells me I’m going to love it.  I hate it.  Please see my post on iPressure for more information about people who LOVE Apple products.  The MacBook isn’t supposed to overheat, but it does.  It doesn’t crash like my Toshiba, but it slows down.  This is overheating for a Mac.  I don’t usually use it in bed because I don’t like it, and I prefer to use my Toshiba when I’m at home.  My question is this: if computer companies know they’re manufacturing laptops for everyday use (mine specifically said it was good for watching videos), then why don’t they manufacture them for how people use them every day?  I’m not going to be sitting at a desk with the computer on a flat surface watching a video!  I’m going to be laying in bed, or on the sofa.  These companies need to do more market research…..they have the electronics right, now it’s time to get the ergonomics right!



  1. It’s pretty amazing that your job invested in a Macbook Pro for your professional use. And that your parents gifted you your Toshiba. Maybe if you ask nicely you’ll get a TV, a tablet, or a personal DVD player?

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