Newspaper Articles that Continue on Another Page

I like to read the newspaper.  I’m not an internet news junkie, I don’t “dotcom” my news.  I like to have the paper in my hand, my tea by my side and ink on my fingers.  I like the feel of a newspaper, the smell of a newspaper and the thoroughness of a newspaper.  Internet news outlets are set up for people with little time and ADD.  The articles are short, or they just link to a video.  I love my newspaper.

That being said, I will not flip to another page to read a continued newspaper article.  Very often an article from the first page will continue on page 8 or 9.  This forces me to flip around to read the end of the article.  I like to go through the paper page-by-page.  I’m not a flipper.  It’s that way with everything for me.  I read magazines cover-to-cover, I don’t skip to the last page of novels and I like to go through the newspaper from page 1 to the sports section.

As a person who took a couple of writing and journalism classes at university, I know the reasoning behind the continued new stories.  Newspapers like to have the most sensational and interesting stories in the early parts of the paper.  These are the stories that will draw people in and make them buy the newspaper.  In cities like New York, with 10+ different papers to choose from, the cover story can determine which newspaper gets bought that day.  Most of them have the same stories anyway…..there’s only so much news that can be printed every day.  How they frame the story and their “slant” on the story will be different.  So they print part of the most interesting stories on the first page, and continue with the real news on a later page.  It’s the old “sucker them in and move on” move!

That being said….understanding the reasoning doesn’t mean I have to like it (or accept it).  Very often I will not read the end of a news story if I have to turn to a later page.  It’s like being forced to walk out on a movie half-way through.  Even if they continued onto the next page, it would be better than having to flip several pages in.  I think I need to find a newspaper that writes in sequence and doesn’t assume that people are willing to break their concentration and switch to another page.  It goes against the idea of reporting the news!


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