I don’t really know what to say for this post.  When I first heard about Twitter 6 years ago from a student in Madrid, I thought it would never work.  It’s instant messaging, but on a computer.  Who wants to see (or read) that?  Why do people want to know what someone is doing at all times?  Twitter limits your messages to 140 characters… can’t get too much information through on that, you might as well go post something on Facebook!

But Twitter lived on, and grew, and now shares are trading at more than $50 a piece.  How did that happen?  It’s such a stupid idea that people would want to “follow” someone and know what they’re doing all the times.  I checked Twitter this morning before writing this post so I could get some sample “tweets” (don’t worry, they’re not from anyone I know).  Samples: #tjoshie is da man #USAHockey” “Is there a Justin Beiber concert at McCain Mall or something? Someone needs to help me understand. Haha! #PeopleEverywhere” “Never get tired of watchin @itsDakotaFannin & Brittany Murphy in Uptown Girls. Love that movie. RIP Brittany Murphy. Gone but not forgotten” “Making salmon salad…yummmm! #SalmonSalad

Ok, that’s enough!  First, all these people have at least 100 followers.  Second, they are saying NOTHING!  Twitter is meaningless babble!  That’s probably why they call it twitter in the first place.  The ORIGINAL definition of twitter is “to utter a success of small tremulous sounds, as a bird.”  Thank you, (a non-useless website)!  Twitter is a meaningless bird conversation.  It’s high-pitched squeaks and chirps.  It’s background noise.  I am amazed that this website took off and, moreso, I’m amazed that the public still cares!

I recently wrote a post about celebrity couple nicknames.  In it I talked about the public’s obsession with celebrities and famous people.  Most celebrities have a Twitter account where they post information for their fans.  Some information is about upcoming events they will be at, or a new movie/album they’re working on.  It is a valuable outlet for these people because the public is so obsessed with them, that they can use Twitter and have a million followers.  But, if they have these diehard fans, the fans would check their websites….Twitter is not needed.  Also, some of the celebrities have begun posting mundane stupidity on their Twitter sites as well (or I should say their assistants have begun posting mundane stupidity on their Twitter sites for them).  Here are some examples:

from @adamlevine: “Paris…Foooooooood….awesome…..”

from @sirseanconnery: “If the phone and the computer want to chat they can do it on their own damn time.”

from @lindsaylohan: “love rocking a good crop top…”

As you can see, even the celebrities are not immune to posting meaningless crap on their Twitter accounts…..why do Adam Levine, Sean Connery and Lindsay Lohan have 4.72 million, 6302 and 7.82 million followers, respectively?!?!  What do these people care about what the celebrities are saying?!?!?  I refuse to go to Twitter again.  I set up an account just for this blog, and I’m going to cancel it.  It’s a stupid premise, it makes no sense…….and don’t get me started on those hash-tags!!




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