Scratchy Tissues

Today will be a short post because I don’t have much time.  I’m sorry!

I have a cold.  I have had one for about a week.  It’s starting to go away, but it’s still holding on until the bitter end.  I use tissues to blow my nose because sucking it in and swallowing is disgusting.  So, I’m at the mercy of the tissue manufacturers to make sure my face is clear of mucus.

I recently moved to Singapore, and I don’t have much to spend on products.  I spent a lot in Ikea and even more in deposits for the apartment and utilities.  So, I skimp on the food and sundries.  I bought store-brand tissues for my nose.  Or rather, I bought store-brand sandpaper sheets for my nose!  These tissues are made from some kind of extra painful paper.  They have turned my nose red, and I’m beginning to feel sore under my nostrils.  It’s to the point where I dread using them.  I have been switching to toilet paper and paper towels more and more, but they are also store-brand, and not the softest.  I will say, however, that when a paper towel is softer than a tissue, the tissue manufacturer should rethink his process!

Kleenex makes great tissues.  They even have ones with lotion in them so you never get a red or sore nose.  I used to have those when I lived in the States and in Spain.  I hear they even have scented ones now, with eucalyptus to help clear up your nose as well.  They are wonderful for the nose, if a little oily for the hands.  I know they exist here in Singapore as well, but I’m too cheap to buy them.  Maybe it’s time to splurge a little and give my poor, painful nose a rest.  I think I’ll go look for the ones with aloe…….



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