People Who Use Photos of Their Children as Their Facebook Profile Picture

I don’t like children.  I have never liked children.  I don’t pretend to like children.  I don’t choose to be around children.  If you have followed my blog since the beginning, you will get an idea about my dislike for children.  I don’t hate children, that’s too strong of a word, I dislike them.  I choose to be in places where the company is older than 15.  That being said, I have nothing against people who have children.  It’s their prerogative to have children and it’s their life that’s going to be changed forever.  I believe them when they say that having children is the greatest thing in the world, I just choose never to experience it.  I don’t understand it.  I don’t want it.

People who have children are wonderful people.  They have decided to live their life for another (or more than one) person.  What I don’t like are the people who live their lives ONLY for their children.  These are the people who cease to exist.  They’ve lost their own identity and they only live for their children.  These people go nowhere and do nothing without the children.  They identify themselves through their children.  These are the people who have disappeared as a single soul, and now identify themselves only through their children.  These people are the people who use photos of their children as their profile photo to identify them on Facebook!

I do like seeing pictures of children on Facebook.  I think it’s interesting to look at photos of my friends’ children and determine which of the pair they most resemble, or see how big they’ve gotten since I last saw them.  These pictures are wonderful, but they should not be the profile picture of the person.  What a person says when they put their child’s picture as their profile pic is that they ARE their children.  They are no longer themselves.  When that person is searched for on Facebook, what is found is the photo of their child/children, not that person.  So they are, in essence, saying that they no longer exist.  They only exist as a mommy or a daddy.

I like it when people place photos of themselves AND their children as their profile photo.  I think family photos are great!  They are a good way to keep track of the history of a family, and a family photo, inclusive of the person whose profile it is, is a great profile photo.  It’s when that “family” photo doesn’t contain the person whose profile it is that I get annoyed, because that person no longer exists separately from their children.

 Please, people, take your identity back!  Put a photo of yourself as your profile photo!  If you want to include your kids, that’s great, but don’t define yourself by your children.  Be a separate entity…..take your life back, and let people know it!



  1. As a corollary, I hate when people send me holiday cards that they had printed at Shutterfly with no personal message/signature (I get cards made there too, but then I sign the back) and their holiday card is, yep, pictures of their kids — that I sometimes don’t know/recognize — and none of them. Aren’t you celebrating the holidays too?

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