Waking Up Before Your Alarm

My alarm goes off at 5:50 every morning.  This gives me enough time to shower, dress, eat, check e-mail and (sometimes) write my blog before I have to leave at 6:55AM.  An hour is good enough, as I don’t really need too much time in the bathroom (I’m gorgeous enough) or at the computer.  I said my alarm goes off at 5:50…..very often, I’m awake to hear it.

I realize that our bodies have internal clocks.  It’s some miracle of biochemistry that has given us the ability to sense the passing of time and set our bodies with it.  Why, then, if my body knows I should wake up at 5:50, do I wake up at 5:40, 5:30…..even 5:00??!!  Is my chemical balance off?  Do I have too much on my mind that I need to wake up to deal with it?  Is the air conditioning temperature too low?  There’s definitely something wrong with me if my body doesn’t want extra sleep.

Last night I tried going to bed later, in hopes that I might sleep until my alarm.  I went to bed at 11PM.  This is about an hour later than I usually go to bed.  This morning, I woke up earlier than usual (5:20) and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I tossed into one comfortable position after another, but glorious sleep eluded me.  Finally, at 5:45, I turned off my alarm and went to the shower.  I know I will be damn tired later, but my body won’t let me get the sleep I need in the morning.  I could understand waking up at, say, 5:49 or 5:45 even, because my body clock might be a little off and need some re-setting.  But, 5:20 is extremely horrible!  I’m not sure ANYONE is supposed to be awake at 5:20!!

I used to use my mobile phone as my alarm clock.  It worked very well, but started to break down when the volume button broke and I couldn’t get it loud enough.  When I moved to Singapore I bought a regular clock radio (apparently they are all MADE in China, but not sold in China), so I could hear music or some radio DJ when I woke up and it works very well.  About 1 day per week I get to hear the music from the radio at 5:50….the other days I turn the alarm off before its time.

I do hate to admit this, but I am a morning person.  I never used to be.  I used to be able to stay awake until all hours of the night, but now I like my mornings.  On the weekends, I often get up at 7AM and sit in the sun that’s streaming through the window, drinking my Earl Grey tea and thinking about the day ahead.  Or I watch early morning TV (sometimes VERY entertaining), or play a computer game.  I do enjoy my mornings.  Anytime before 6:30 is not morning….it’s still night!!  I realize that, due to work constraints, I must rise earlier than 6:30AM, but I know my limitations, and I have set an alarm time for me that I know I can deal with.  Why does my body continually change that time to earlier?!  It has really become a disorder.  I am naming it….pre-clockological disorder!

Maybe tomorrow I will be awakened by the music at 5:50….it’s a toss up!


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