I like fireworks.  I think they’re pretty and exciting.  They can get annoying when they’re done to excess (like in China during Chinese New Year), but, for the most part, it’s an exciting thing when fireworks are set off.  They light up the sky with colors and shapes, and it’s fun to watch the show (especially the ones that are set to music)!  Whenever there are fireworks, you know it’s a special occasion (again….done to excess at Chinese New Year).


I don’t have a problem with fireworks (although they can be a little too noisy sometimes).  I have a problem with those little, fused eardrum poppers.  Those things known as firecrackers.  Firecrackers serve no purpose beyond making noise.  They are loud, invasive and unneeded.  Firecrackers are designed only to annoy everyone around them.  What is the purpose of the noise?  They don’t give a beautiful show, like the fireworks, they just explode.  Why does that excite people?  Why does it need to be done?

Let’s go back to China, shall we.  I lived in China for 18 months of my life.  They are obsessed with firecrackers.  Firecrackers were set off every day, in celebration of the opening of a new store, a wedding, a birthday…..pretty much any reason they could think of warranted firecrackers.  This was a hell to live in because they would “feng shui” the setting off of firecrackers, which sometimes led to them being set off at 7AM or 11:30PM, when people were trying to sleep.  The Chinese didn’t care, as long as they got the proper time (according to the day and the position of the moon) for the firecrackers.  They just expect everyone to understand that “it had to be done.”  NO IT DIDN’T!  It’s just noise!  That’s all!  It got so bad towards Chinese New Year that I had to get out.  I went on a trip to get away from the noise.

fire crackers

Even in places like New York, where firecrackers are illegal, you can’t get away from it.  People travel to other states to buy firecrackers in places where they are not illegal, and bring them back.  Store owners in these states have made it a big business, and set up shops right on the borderline between states so people don’t have to travel too far.  Whenever I would travel from New York to Florida to visit my grandparents, I would see large billboards on the highways advertising firecracker sales.  What is the appeal?  People spend thousands of dollars on these things only to make noise!  And the louder they are, the more they cost and the more people want them….incomprehensible!

Thankfully, I now live in Singapore, where they are seriously outlawed.  I know people may say that Singapore is a little dictatorial with its laws and outlawing of things like gum.  But this firecracker law is a godsend!  Fireworks are allowed, but they are regulated and need to be registered with the government.  Firecrackers are definitely illegal and people in Singapore are a little to frightened of what the government will do to bring them in and set them off.  Never again will I travel to China within a month of Chinese New Year!



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