Abbreviations for Things Where People Repeat the Last Word Abbreviated

Ok, I know this one needs a little explanation.  Let’s pretend you’re out in the street and you see this beautiful thing in a store window.  The object costs $150, and you only have $100.  You head to the nearest bank to use your card in the ATM machine.  NO!  YOU DON’T!  You head to the bank to use your card in the ATM!  The “M” stand for machine.  So, in essence, what you’re telling people is that you used your card in the “automated teller machine machine!”  How stupid does that sound?!?!  I have to admit, I have made the mistake many times, and I always hate myself in the morning.

atm When people go to the ATM, they are unsure of the nature of the beast.  We still remember the days of the bank teller, and her gruff and grim attitude when you needed to take out cash.  I think the need to say “machine” comes from the distinction between human teller and mechanical teller.  I must say, I was very young when ATMs were introduced, so more and more adults have only been in an ATM-saturated world.  The need to tack on “machine” at the end should be fading, but it’s not!

The phenomenon is not limited to everyday items like the ATM.  Witness DSW Shoe Warehouse.  It’s a great American store where you can get decent shoes for low prices.  I have shopped there many times.  Do you know what the DSW stands for?  It means “Designer Shoe Warehouse.”  So, people are calling it “Designer Shoe Warehouse shoe warehouse.”  Does this make sense?  No?  Well, DSW called themselves “DSW Show Warehouse!”  They are just propagating the idiocy!


My last example is slightly different from the other two.  This one is one of utter stupidity.  It has to do with people who feel the need to repeat the time of day when they tell a story.  Example: “Yesterday, I saw a man on the street drinking from a bottle of scotch….and it was only 9AM in the morning!”  “AM” MEANS THE MORNING, YOU MORON!  It’s not 6PM in the evening, or 11PM at night, or 7AM in the morning……the AM and PM tell you the time of day.  Living overseas, I have gotten used to the 24 hour clock.  My alarm clock goes from 0 to 23, so this error is rare in countries where they use the 24 hour clock.  I think the only reason they use the 24 hour clock is so their citizens don’t come off sounding like utter dumbasses every time they tell the time.

If you have any more of these repeated abbreviation examples, feel free to send them around!



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