People Who Take Too Long to Pay for Their Taxi

checker cab

Let me set the scene for you.  I have just come from a doctor’s appointment.  I stopped at Subway to buy dinner as I walked to the taxi queue.  When I arrived at the taxi queue, there were about 5 people ahead of me waiting for a taxi.  Since I was at the hospital, there was a steady stream of taxis coming and going, so I expected to wait about 5-10 minutes for my taxi.  Not a bad wait, considering it was rush hour and the taxi drivers were changing shift.  Taxis came in and taxis went…..finally, I was the first in line.  A nice, clean taxi pulls up with a couple in the back seat.  She gets out, and holds the door for her man.  The man is fumbling in what looks like a man-purse and saying something to the driver.  The driver is saying something back as the man continues to fumble.  The lady gets impatient and closes the door.  She then goes around to the other door (where the man was sitting) and opens it.  She now joins the conversation.  This goes on for about 2 minutes until I see the man pull a credit card out of his purse.  In Singapore you can pay for taxis with a credit card.

sing cab

A Singapore Taxi

Verifying the credit card and signing the receipt took another 2 minutes (they had to find a pen).  Finally, the couple exited the cab and it drove up to me.  My wait had just increased by 7 minutes WHILE THE TAXI WAS IN THE DRIVEWAY!  A row of taxis and other cars had built up behind it, blocking the street.

Why do people take a taxi without carrying the cash for it?  Who doesn’t think ahead and plan for the taxi ride?  I know that when I have to take a taxi, I need to have enough money for the ride!  Another thing that bothers me is the person who has the money, but doesn’t prepare it before they arrive at their destination.  It’s like some sort of surprise when they arrive, and they have to rifle through their purse or wallet to find the correct amount.  “Oh, you mean I have to PAY for this ride?”  You’re in a taxi, you’re almost there, get the damn money ready BEFORE you arrive.  It saves the driver the extra time and it helps out the people waiting to take your taxi.  People can be so stupid sometimes!  There’s my rant for today….sorry so short, but I’m limited on time.



  1. I’m also so sorry that this rant wasn’t longer. Perhaps then you might have conceded that some people are not used to taking taxis, might not have planned to take the taxi, or perhaps may have been confused on some way. But of course, in the end nothing is more devastating than inconvenience.

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