Miley Cyrus

When I was younger, I didn’t have any idea who Miley Cyrus was.  Maybe that’s because she’s half my age….so, when I was 20 she was born.  I did, however, know Miley’s “Achy, Breaky” father, Billy Ray Cyrus.  He was one of the first country stars to crossover into the mainstream pop charts with his “Achy, Breaky” dance.  Many people mocked him, but the man knew what he was doing.  Crossing genres like that is difficult.  Unfortunately his child-rearing abilities seem to be questionable.  I wouldn’t have been saying this 6 years ago, when Miley Cyrus was known as “Hannah Montana”…..a fairly innocuous sitcom star on a television show that was geared towards the “tween” group.


For the past 4-5 years, however, Miley has changed.  I say this with a slight smirk on my face.  She’s not only changed…..she’s deteriorated.  The sweet Hannah Montana has become a slutty, sex-obsessed pop star.  Her first song, See You Again, was very sweet, and very apropos of Hannah Montana.  Her entire first album (Meet Miley Cyrus) was actually very sweet and innocent.  As she became more popular and got older, the songs and albums became more and more slutty.  She sang about things you just didn’t think Hannah Montana knew about.  She became one of those singers that you associate with sex music.  Britney Spears is one, Pink is one, any rap goddess is one, Madonna and Christina Aguilera used to be that way.  But, these people started off in that vein, so we never had to “adjust” to their change.  If anything, we had to adjust to their change from slutty sex-maven to more demure and pure roles.  This is not true of Miley.

Miley’s new album (Bangerz) features songs with names like FU and Do My Thang.  These are not the songs of Hannah Montana!  She’s paired up with Britney Spears on one of her songs and with countless rap and hip-hop stars for others.  She is “slumming” in her new album.  Just to get an idea of the downslide, let’s consider her album titles, shall we?  We begin with “Meet Miley Cyrus,” cute and worthy of Hannah Montana.  Then “Breakout,” also a very sweet title, considering her desire to “breakout” as a pop star.  The third album, “Time of Our Lives,” started to show a dirtier side of Miley, but with a sweetness that still left us in Hannah Montana country.  “Can’t Be Tamed” and “Bangerz” are the next 2 albums.  The titles tell the story.  For these, she had completed her slide into sluttiness and was now set up with the likes of Courtney Love and Katy Perry (she kissed a girl and she liked it).  Hannah is completely gone….welcome slutty, sexy, scantily-clad, twerking Miley Cyrus.  I’m sure dad is very proud!

Now, I fully admit, Wrecking Ball is a decent song, and the slut quotient is minimal.  But that’s the exception for Miley these days….not the rule.  I understand that she wants to move away from that smiling, sweet, innocuous Hannah Montana persona (nobody wants to be pigeonholed) but she has done a complete 180.  The pretty, young and sweet thing has completely disappeared.  Now she appears on awards shows twerking with Robin Thicke……then writes a song CALLED Twerk, which she performs with another fallen star, Justin Bieber.  Oh Miley…..what have you become?!?!?

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show


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