Soup Spoons

soup spoon

That’s right, folks, I’m going to rant about soup spoons today.  This most unwieldy of utensils does not deserve to exist.

First off, why does soup get its own spoon?  There are many other products that deserve their own spoon.  Tea get its own spoon because it has been around for hundreds of years in the same capacity.  The teaspoon, however, is used for many more things beyond tea, so it has become a versatile utensil despite its rather limited-use name.  The tablespoon, then, does everything else.  You want some cereal?  Tablespoon!  You want some ice cream?  Tablespoon!  You want some fruit salad?  Tablespoon! The tablespoon is one of the most versatile of utensils.  Its shape and design are perfect for inserting into the mouth, and it’s large enough to hold a fair amount of food.

Enter the soup spoon.  Round and large at the end, it barely fits into the mouth.  It takes effort and some pain to get your lips around it.  Many will say that it’s designed to be slurped from the side, but the tablespoon can do that as well.  The soup spoon doesn’t really have any recourse against the tablespoon.  The Asians have designed an even MORE unwieldy soup spoon, which definitely DOESN’T fit into the mouth and MUST be slurped.  So, this soup spoon problem is an international issue.  Soup spoons are not useful for anything…..even eating soup!

soup spoon 2

Chinese Soup Spoon

Today’s soups are also not conducive to using a soup spoon.  Most of them have chunky bits in them that might even require a fork to eat.  Gone are the days of the consommé or the bisque that was only liquid.  Today people want chunky soups that have pieces of meat, potato and vegetables in them.  Campbell’s even has a line of soups called “Chunky!”  I propose we ditch the annoying soup spoons and all adopt that staple of Taco Bell restaurants, the spork!  What an ingenious thing to combine a tablespoon and fork together!  This allows the soup eater to spear larger chunks, yet still get some of the liquid… serendipitous!  This is MUCH better than that big, round soup spoon that nobody really needs!  Sporks for everyone!



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