People Who Wear Crocs as Shoes


I have nothing against Crocs.  It think they are fairly comfortable and they make great sandals.  When I see people wearing them by the pool or at the beach, I do not have any issues.  They’re actually good for that.  It’s when people wear their Crocs out that I get annoyed.  Crocs are not shoes.  They are not meant to be worn as a shoe.  They are comfortable and they are plastic, so they are meant to be worn at the beach or pool.

They are also insanely ugly.  When a young man has on jeans a pair of Crocs, he is telling people “I don’t really care anymore.  I couldn’t be bother putting on actual shoes or sneakers.”  Why do people accept the Crocs as shoes thing?  It not only makes the outfit look insanely ugly, they make people’s feet get dirty.  Then you have ugly green Crocs and black feet.  Could there be anything more disgusting?  It’s almost as bad as wearing flip-flops as shoes (there will be a later post about this)!

I don’t want to hear about how comfortable they are, or how easy it is just to slip them on when you leave the house.  Think about how you look to others.  Think about how you are just saying “I give up!”  Please stop wearing them to places like the store, the mall, the restaurant, school or out for a walk.  Restrict them to the beach or the pool.  Thank you!

croc people




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