People Who Use the Word “Anyways”

“Anyways” is not a word.  It does not exist.  The word is “anyway,” not “anyways.”  I have lived a long time with this stuck in my craw, but it’s about time I got it out.

Even the use of the word “anyway” becomes annoying because people use it haphazardly whenever they want to change the subject of a conversation.  It’s really not a conversation changer… gives us this definition: “in any case; anyhow; nonetheless; regardless: Whether you like it or not, I’m going anyway.”  It in no way sets it up as a subject changer for conversations.  In any case, it’s the word “anyway” that should be used, not the abomination “anyways!”

Please stop using it, it’s like nails on a chalkboard whenever I hear it come out of someone’s mouth.



  1. Language is a malleable, evolving thing. Definitions and usage evolve as patterns of speech and slang become accepted. Without this, language would lose it’s power to affect positive social change. You may not like the little changes, but the big ones are what make our society more evolved.

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