Skinny Jeans

Ok, folks, today is going to be a short post because I think the ridiculousness and complete laughability of skinny jeans speaks for itself.  I know, I am a “large” person, and I would never be able to fit into a pair of skinny jeans, so people will say I’m just jealous of those people who can fit into skinny jeans.  I assure you, this is definitely NOT the case.  Skinny jeans defeat the purpose of wearing jeans at all.  Jeans are meant to be comfortable, to let the wind ride up a little and cool you off.  They are meant to make people look like cowboys or railroad workers from the 1800s.  They are meant to be “dungarees,” as my Aunt Linda still calls them.

People who wear skinny jeans just look utterly ridiculous, especially if they are a little chunky.  The tight legs, the waistband that doesn’t quite make it to the belly button (causing an awful lot of crack to show), the ankle strangling that’s going on….these just enforce the clownishness of the skinny jeans.  Please, people, stop buying these abominations of fashion and maybe the clothing manufacturers (that’s what they are….not designers) will stop selling them. You just look ridiculous.  Need I say more?

skinny jeans



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