Strollers on Public Transportation

Now, I’m the first to admit, I can’t stand kids.  I think they are loud, annoying, stinky, have no respect for personal space and don’t understand the subtleties of human interaction.  I’m much better with teenagers.  They mess up because they are learning how to be adults, not because they don’t know any better.  That being said, I have a lot of problems with things related to children.  In this blog, you may notice that a lot of the things that annoy me are things related to, or created by, children.  This is the first, then, of many!

Strollers have no place on public transportation.  The idea of the stroller comes from its name STROLLER; it’s designed to be strolled with.  The essence of the stroller is to be able to take your child on a walk on the street, or in the park, or what have you.  They are not designed to be brought on the bus or subway, yet people continually do so, thinking there’s nothing wrong with it.  It’s a ridiculous situation.  When I lived in Madrid, there were specific areas of the bus or metro that were designed for mothers with strollers.  Why did they do this?!?!  Strollers are meant  to be on the ground, being pushed, not in the bus or train.  They are unwieldy, take up too much space, and bother other people when their ankles are clipped or the wheel runs over their foot.  Pushing a stroller through the bus or subway is also especially annoying to the rest of the people in the vehicle.  Why do people insist on inconveniencing others so their children have a comfortable place to sit?  Take the damn kid out of the stroller and FOLD IT UP!  Then you can have your stroller on the metro!

As a person without children (and it will ALWAYS be that way) I have a personal vendetta against people with children who believe they have special rights over those of us who do not have children.  These breeders think they can take up extra space because they decided to take the kid out in the stroller, but couldn’t possibly make it back home!  They let their kids sit next to them on the metro when there is an elderly person who has to stand.  They ignore their screaming brat on the bus while everyone else has to suffer the shrill shrieks of death coming from it.

Keep the strollers off the metro and bus!  They are meant for walking, not for riding.  Or, if you MUST take them on public transportation, take the kid out and fold them up!  They are especially annoying to those of us who are trying to squash like sardines into a space that you just took up!



  1. I bet your mother never took public transportation. I also bet you have never tried to collapse a stroller while also keeping an eye on a curious toddler. I also bet that you’ve never been a nanny: underpaid and overworked and at your wit’s end.

  2. My mother worked when I was a kid so she and my father could make ends meet. I stayed most days with my grandmother, who would walk me to the park by her house and back only. My grandmother was a very polite lady, and she would NEVER consider taking up space on a bus or metro with a stroller.

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