Band-Aids that Stick TOO Well

I have a cut on my leg.  It’s my fault, I crashed on the bed the other day due to jet-lag and jumped up from the bed to use the bathroom.  As I jumped, I scraped my leg on the corner of the bed table.  My own stupidity….nobody else to blame.  So, I did what any mature 40-year old man would do, I screamed an obscenity, wrapped my leg in toilet paper and ran down to the nearest Watson’s to buy Band-Aids.

First, I know, Band-Aid is a brand name owned by Johnson and Johnson.  I use it here to mean any adhesive bandage.  Band-Aids are actually very well made, and I would usually buy that brand…..if it’s available.  It was not available, and I was “fortunate” enough to buy the Watson’s brand of adhesive bandage.  I bought the larger size, because I was worried the smaller ones would not completely cover the wound I had created for myself.  Also in my bag were some Betadyne (great stuff), some mints (no gum…it’s Singapore), Nivea lotion (I only use Nivea) and some gauze (just in case).  I was covered!
band aid

When I got back home I set to work on dressing the wound.  Betadyne and a Band-aid were all I needed, and I was set for the rest of the day. Now, I have to say, the Band-aid lasted all day.  There was no slipping, and the wound was well-covered.  However, that evening when I tried to remove it, it didn’t want to go anywhere.  This things was stuck on for life.  I couldn’t even get my fingernail under one corner to pry it off.  I actually caused myself another injury by scraping the skin near the edge so I could get one side up to pull the damn thing off.  When I pulled it off, there was definitely some skin loss.  This thing was GLUED to my skin.  In all, I had 2 more wounds around the first one caused by the Band-aid.  This was a “too sticky” Band-aid.  I realize that children move around a lot during the day when they play and whatnot, but to cause them pain in the evening when they have to remove the Band-aid from an already sensitive, wounded area, is sadistic.  Band-aids are meant to cover wounds and protect them from the elements, not create new wounds, which necessitates the need for more Band-aids……ahhhh, therein lies the answer.  These companies know that Band-aids are an occasional purchase.  People don’t regularly buy them because who goes through an entire box that quickly?  Maybe these companies are creating a market for themselves by using industrial-strength glue that they know will cause more damage and, hence, necessitate the purchase of more Band-aids.  I have figured it out!  Be warned, ladies and gentlemen!!



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