Cocktails Served in a Fruit

Since Singapore is a tropical place, people feel the need to treat tourists like they’re in a tropical destination.  Singapore is a city.  It’s a large city, with a large population.  It’s not some beach-side resort in Fiji or Nauru.  This being said, it’s very common to see cocktails at bars served in fruit.  I’m not talking about a shot stuck in a lemon rind…..I’m talking about a pina colada in a half of a pineapple, or a Malibu cocktail in a coconut. fruittales

Why is this something “special?”  All it does is waste a perfectly good fruit.  I don’t think all the flesh of the countless pineapples is being consumed by the customers, nor do I think they take the time to carve the coconut meat out before pouring the alcohol in.  This upsets me, not only because it wastes food, but because it wastes GOOD food.  As someone who can’t eat pineapple, because of an allergy, but loves the flavor….it’s a travesty.  Also, they’re so unwieldy that people have a tough time holding them and must use two hands, or leave them on the table and drink through a straw.  Come on, people, this is not FUN, this is more of a pain in the ass than it’s worth.  We don’t need watered-down drinks served to us in fruit carcasses!!

Put an end to it!


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