People Who Can’t Use “I” and “Me” Correctly

Ok, people, my 9th grade English teacher, Mrs. Eberhardt, taught me something I will never forget (it was just about the only thing she ever taught me).  She said, when you’re not sure if you should use “I” or “me” when talking about another person and yourself, just remove the other person.

So, if I want to say “Give the tickets to myself and Jake,” I would remove Jake from the sentence and say “Give the tickets to ME.”  Therefore, when I put Jake back into the sentence, it should be “Give the tickets to Jake and ME.”  The sentence “Give the tickets to Jake and I” is completely and utterly WRONG!  If I want to say “Myself and Lisa are going shopping,” I would remove Lisa and say “I am going shopping.”  Therefore, the sentence should be “Lisa and I are going shopping.”  “Lisa and me are going shopping,” or “Me and Lisa are going shopping” are completely WRONG!

It’s my gut feeling that people use the “I” form when it’s supposed to be “me” because they think using “I” makes them sound more intelligent and, therefore, they have fooled everyone.  Actually, it makes you sound like an idiot to those of us that are intelligent enough to know the correct times to use “I” and “me!”  Please remember the rule!

Incidentally, I have noticed it being used incorrectly on television as well, in both scripted and nonscripted performances.  For shame, entertainment industry……for shame!


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