I am not an Apple user. In fact, I am an anti-Apple person. I do not need an iCloud, iPad, iMac, iPhone, iPod or iLife. First of all, what does the “I” stand for anyway? In my opinion, it must be imbecile, or idiot, or incredibly expensive! I do not like Apple products, I do not like fingerprints on my screen, or body oils so thick I can scrape them with my fingernail. I do not swipe the trackpad to remove windows from my desktop….I do what any PC user does, I click on the “X” in the corner!

I have no desire to carry an iPad everywhere I go. Do you know that people actually take them to tourist spots now and use them as a camera? That giant pad in their hands holding it up like a camera. I hate when I get other’s cameras in my shot taking the same photo as me, but now I have to contend with a thin piece of plastic that’s 5 times the size of any normal camera! I hated when people started to use their phones as their regular camera, but this is ridiculous.

But, my post today is not to rag on Apple. I actually think they have some good ideas. I am not going to be part of them, but they are good. My post today is about the Apple connoisseur who thinks everyone else should be an Apple connoisseur. I’m talking about iPressure. This is the feeling any self-respecting PC, Android, Blackberry or Sky Drive user gets when faced with one of those Apple connoisseurs who thinks it’s their mission in life to convince everyone that Apple products are superior. I don’t need to hear about your hot pink iPhone 5, or how far you’ve gotten in Angry Birds on your iPad. I don’t want to know about TapTap, or the new weather app you downloaded that can pinpoint actual lightning strikes. I DON’T CARE! You enjoy your electronics and I will enjoy mine. Don’t force FaceTime down my throat, or tell me Safari is superior to Google Chrome. It has no effect on me! Give it up!

These people don’t understand that it’s possible to NOT want Apple products; it’s possible to actually appreciate the look of Windows 8, or my Samsung Galaxy. I’m all about the Android! This phenomenon of iPressure must end. People, we know you love your iPhone…..now wipe the fingerprints off for the 100th time and put it away!!


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